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Wilderness surprises and rainforest medicine

The Great Bear Rainforest's Features blog and Events Calendar highlight regional attractions such as our wilderness hikes, wildlife viewing, fishing, local crafts, cultural tours, and the gathering and making of traditional medicine.

When you're done swimming with the bears, Crow Rainforest takes charge and produces the most extreme "life adventure" of all: gaining actual years of vitality where the control group starts to taper off. Those thinking outside the box will love to poke through the
Medicine Bag's ancient panacaeas and semi-magical longevity scrolls. 

Bella Coola to host the 2018 Rainforest Extremes?


It seems this brave fisherman could have scored some winning points in the freestyle category if he had registered for Alaska's Fishing With the Grizzlies event rather than just rushing in from the beer stand.

As the deadline for 2018 summer season looms, a request for expressions of interest to build
a bear bleacher for British Columbia's Atnarko River location has not been let, amid concerns that our bears wouldn't be fair to Atnarko competitors. It seems Alaskan Brown bears are safer because they are certainly better habituated to the continual human shadowing during their feeding frenzy in the tourist zones and some know this game. Many Alaskan Brown Bears will obey a limed line, park signage or even a piece of string around your campsite in Alaska. These bears seem to be good sports and the same bears are recorded on Youtubes playing pat-a-cake with the tourists onshore, but don't just rush in like that here in the Bella Coola Valley; spot the costume in the video and see it's probably a beer commercial.

Kanada - Coast Cariboo Circle Route: "Eines der unberührtesten Naturschutzgebiete, Tweedsmuir Park in der Coast Mountains, ist der größten geschützten Wildnis Westkanadas. Schwarze Bären, Graubären und Weißkopfseeadler sind reichlich vorhanden, und kann im Nahbereich im Bella Coola Valley beobachtet werden." (Google Übersetzer installiert ...)

  Dig into Crow's Medicine Bag shortlist for the best Great Bear Rainforest health hints.


Dig into Crow's Medicine Bag shortlist for the best Great Bear Rainforest health hints.

Yes, Wilcommin in every language thanks to Google Translate! The Pacific temperate rainforest beckons, and as befits our custodial nature we'd love to show you around. A network of old logging roads, tracks, wide bear trails, open areas and mossy bluffs all yield fantastic views, charming many visitors into hiking and climbing forays and presenting a rare opportunity to drive to an alpine meadow just below a glacier. 


There's so much to do that you can see why we want to stay fit and vital in the Great Bear Rainforest. The cultural tours, a wildcrafting outing or a longevity workshop with the medicine man, shopping Farmer's Market or the organic farms and stands for local produce and seafood, the arts and crafts, the cottage shops and so on make colorful photo-opps, which yield to charming evenings of festivity and gastronomic delight.

Enviro-news of the rainforest's recent protection has given legs to our tourism sector. BC Ferries forecasts direct sailings between Bella Coola and Port Hardy on BC's world famous Coast Cariboo Circle Route starting in the summer of 2018. One of the few highways to adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest is paved and ready for action. See you here!

Biohacking for fresher legs, longer stride, more years

The great philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), is famed for his observation that the natural world is "nasty, brutish, and short". In nature, as in science, unless it's corrected, the control group doesn't get the breaks, the cures, or the lifespan.

Get on it; you're probably not as fit as you think. BC's most sought after anti-aging speakers Drs White and MacLeod agree, and they professed in one of their workshops that the tri-athletes they treat in the triathlon in Kelowna were among the unhealthiest people as a group that they had ever seen. They are oxidised so have an unusually high heart risk, more like the controls than they test subjects they considered themselves as. The controls in biological experimentations are fed a balanced diet and live normal lifepans to form a reliable baseline. Longevity and optimisation are not options on the control diet, but a few judicious biohacks on top of the control diet and exercise gets you there. In experimentation the treated animals commonly become happier and more motivated in days, and all outlived the controls. Clearly we are hacking normal biological function to be outside the control's values, biohacking for better. Several biohacks, famous life-extenders on their own, are in the Medicine Bag. The heart or thrombosis scare for example can be biohacked away in just a couple of days, not with the control diet that causes the heart disease, but with a simple health supplement.  This to me is step one to a longer lifespan because the circulation and lymph circulation have to be reliable for starters every day.

It should be no surprise that biohacking for longevity is growing. Anti-agers know they can't do it in stock form so they are all over it, and all it takes is a few keywords to get them going. You have keywords now; who would you help to the sunny side of the street? At any rate if you ever wanted to feel more up to the hike yourself, at any age, now you know that the Medicine Bag holds clues to a longer, happier and more productive life.