About Crow Rainforest

Here we promote a 'sunny side of the street movement' to improve people's moods, capability, motivation, and health generally, so we can all be happier and healthier. We do it with knowledge and a firm grasp of the science; it gives us incentive to get to that fitness level and maintain it in our golden years. We embrace rainforest activities in the region when we're fit enough to try it. I've hung out a bit with small groups of anti-agers and we are more youthful, no doubt about it. In fact it's unfair to the world to not have such simple methods go viral. It's ANTI-AGING for Pete's sake! What better gift could there be? You really can outlast all of the controls in your group with the goodies in the Medicine Bag!! 

About the Crows

Duncan and Jo were born and raised in Vancouver Island and now live in Port McNeill BC.

Jo makes a range of handmade vintage and heirloom style chokers, garters and earring sets online. Visit Jo's Chokers and check out her unique creations in Victorian, Goth, sweet 'n sassy,  and custom wedding sets; whether your thing is for lace, ribbon, chain, jewels, pearls or other precious and semi-precious gems, Jo's cunning re-use of found and funky items has charmed people in many countries.


Duncan's interests in health and botanics didn't allow for retirement just yet so he reformulated two traditional medicines and spiked a modern elixir to yield he calls "the sunny side of the street in a bottle". 

About Crow Rainforest Medicine

(it's more ancient than you'd think)

DNA sequencing has revealed that our traditional panacaea herb Devil's Club, (Oplopanax Horridus) was developed in ancient times in the Ontario/Michigan region, and that it contains DNA that does not occur anywhere else on earth. 

Science has also established that after being brought west it was widely cultivated for thousands of years, then that strain was brought to Japan and genetically modified to become Oplopanax Japonicus. The unnatural genetics work leads to the inescapable conclusion that both versions of Oplopanax were created for our use.

In recognition of the ancient intervention, Duncan's Medicine Bag honours the patron goddess of the agricultural revolution by displaying Inanna's knot, symbolic of a bit of her knowledge, in the Crow's grasp.

The Crows say ... get your feet...to the sunny side of the street!

The Crows say ... get your feet...to the sunny side of the street!

Greets from the Great Bear Rainforest and Crow's Medicine Bag

Greets from the Great Bear Rainforest and Crow's Medicine Bag


Handcrafted sustenance, with love from the ancients


The fact that Oplopanax was genetically engineered in the past won't surprise scientists and herbalists because they know most of our foods are ancient GMOs via repeated chromosome doubling, a technique that can neither occur naturally nor be accomplished in our own labs, although our geneticists appreciate the workmanship.

Domestic wheat and oats were fattened by a factor of 6, from 7 chromosomes to 42. Sugar cane, from 10 to 80 chromosomes; bananas and apples multiplied by two or three; peanuts, potatoes, tobacco and cotton among others expanded by factors of four times their chromosomes. 

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Is everything organic?

Hehe, good one; gosh, where have YOU been? The Great Bear Rainforest enjoys global prominence as an organic wilderness, and as such, most believe co-branding could not enhance our credibility. Yes, of course it's organic, with a small "o" though without that foreign label. It's called adherent to organic practices, what everyone else does without the labelling. If this helps, the Central Coast Regional District and its farms form a non-GMO zone within this organic wilderness, and wildcrafted products are beyond their scope.

Are the wildcrafted products gathered sustainably?

In two words, of course. We follow and teach informal and proposed standards for sustainable harvest methods that we hope all of our best efforts will become international. Crow Rainforest's position is that when we groom the forest we do it for production because it's also a livelihood, so a custodial as well as an environmental duty.

How long is the shelf life?

The oil-based formulas have a very long shelf life. While the life of an unsaturatated or a polyunsaturated oil infusion is known to be short, the extra virgin coconut oil we use is mostly saturated so very stable, posessing "indefinite" shelf life. And, tinctures are usually preserved with a benzene product, but we use Phenylethylamine (PEA), an alkaline preservative and medication that makes a tincture into an elixir. You can also store the ingredients separately and make your own.

Do you offer a guarantee and returns?

The companies represented all guarantee satisfaction and welcome contact. We ensure tracking, and sales are final only on the wildcrafted medicine.

How can we get supplies and make our own?

Crow Rainforest carries out wildcrafting workshops throughout the year and posts the sustainable methods to the Crow Rainforest Facebook Group. In the USA you can buy Devil's Club in Alaska, and in BC you can pick it yourself, buy raw material in the Medicine Bag Shortlist or contact Duncan with your request and he'll hook you up.