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Earth Day Wildcrafting Workshop

  • Earth Day 2017 Bella Coola, BC CA (map)

For the frst time in the Bella Coola Valley, Crow Rainforest will conduct a quick wildcrafting workshop in a new method of collecting resin from Sitka Spruce as a sustainable forest resource.

The all ages Earth Day presentation will briefly cover previous resin extraction methods and the recent research that led to new approaches, before presenting the development of a standard for sustainably tapping resin trees with the new method. This is the world's first proposal to standardise, and to educate in, the sustainable tapping of resin trees.

The event will take place on IR1 in Bella Coola, location TBA; the selected trees will at once showcase the process and become one of the focal points of wildcrafting walks offered in the valley. IR1 is in the middle of a large region of working forest that is perfect for the extraction of Spruce resin as a sustainable enterprise.