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Great Bear Rainforest Webring launch

Webrings group people by interests, and we have a lot of stuff to strut, more than most regions. The topic of this webring is our community and local contiguity, so it presents a huge opportunity to showcase our area, its attributes, and our contributors.

If you have content or like to blog on local subjects, even if you don't have a point-of-sale, please contact us to submit it; community isn't only about business. To join the webring all you have to do is put the Webring link on your content page; the Webring maintains the links to the rest of the member sites. Make sure that page is full of your keywords.

New Webring members get a free feature post in the Area Highlights section. You may submit your own keyword-rich advertorial for that; try to make it quite different from your corporate page.

Webring traffic is tracked so you know it's working!

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