Blood electrification passes initial Malaria trial

This report is an update on a test of an electric blood treatment that forms part of a four-part HIV protocol. The real beauty of the protocol is that electricity doesn't differentiate; it eliminates all infections and some infestations and it's so simple a child can do it at home. Knowing this produces substantial peace of mind; those who know about this therapy no longer have a reason to be concerned about HIV, West Nile, or whatever other plague is in the news. The complete protocol is available on video.

A Medical Doctor in Nigeria contacted us in 2001 asking if the blood electrification aspect of the Beck Protocol was effective against Malaria. We told him we didn't know but it could be. We sent him a unit to try on one person who was willing to try it and whose life would not be put into danger by trying it. About two months later we heard back from him that the units had been effective with Malaria in 5 out of 6 people.

Then we began the long journey (almost eighteen months) of putting together a proper small trial study. The Nigerian government gave us a letter of support. Unfortunately due to cultural differences everything took a lot longer to accomplish than expected. In the end, we stopped the study prematurely. 37 people had been enrolled; stopping prematurely meant that several of them had not finished the protocol or the testing. Many, once they tested negative for Malaria, didn't return to complete the testing and lab work (they were well so why keep returning to the doctor?).

Blood electrification was administered daily for one hour until lab work showed negative for Malaria. Only 8 people completed all the testing. Of these 7 tested negative for Malaria and 1 still tested positive. 14 people completed the blood electrification and tested negative, but they did not complete all of the lab work subsequent to testing negative. 11 people didn't finish the protocol due to the study being stopped. Of these 11, all of their Malaria loads were reduced, but not negative. 3 people's records weren't complete so we cannot use the details. 1 person was removed from the study before beginning because he also had typhoid and due to the parameters of the study they could not be included.

An important note is that the majority of people tested negative between day 3 and day 7. Also, virtually everyone had a significant reduction or elimination of symptoms on day 3.

This study is by no means conclusive, however we feel it has given us some good information as to the possible effectiveness of blood electrification as per Bob Beck with Malaria. We are very much interested in continuing the research in this area; we have other research projects that are in the beginning administrative stages and once they are completed we will release the information.

We have recently designed a unit for those in economically poor countries so they can afford what we consider the most important part of the Beck Protocol -- blood electrification. (S) has also been donating units to a few organizations in Africa. One such group, operating out of remote villages in South Africa, have approximately 90 health care workers that go out into the villages, trying to help people. (S) sent them several units to use in the villages; we have not had a lot of feedback, however the feedback we do get always touches our hearts. We have been told that people in the villages line up to use the units. The blood electrification units have to be shared and so go on to the next worker in another village. Unfortunately this means the treatment gets stopped prematurely in each village. For this reason we are planning on sending a unit for each of their health care workers so that they will be able to help more individiuals.

We received this e-mail from one of their volunteers who lives in the U.S.: There are now 90 care workers -- up from the 75 I last reported. Each of them would LOVE to have their own bio-electric machine. They are seeing results like relief from diarrhea, vomiting, TB coughing, low energy etc. Some patients who were totally bed ridden are back at work. I have asked the lady who is in charge of the machines to write you about their results. is a wonderful website to be following up in terms of results, especially if treatment continuity could be ensured by each care worker having her own machine. Again, I was quite astonished to discover such enthusiasm and efficiency on the part of the care workers so you can be gratified to know that (S)'s gift is so greatly appreciated and implemented. So again my thanks and I look forward to finding a way to get more machines over there.