Bounce Back From Degenerative Illness

Movement to "un-smother" cells and improve oxygen

Generally, your body will forgive the 20% of lifestyle decisions you get wrong provided you get the other 80% right. Nobody has a perfect lifestyle, but clean, free-flowing plumbing is key to getting back to good. You've heard how movement is required, and this article shows how supplements and movement can markedly improve circulation of blood and lymph in days.


Cancer is caused by the lack of oxygen at the cellular level

Every degenerative disease is the result of a series of poor lifestyle decisions, for example a sedentary lifestyle that results in a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. Even the controls in research get a better diet that is designed at the outset for balanced nutrition. We could do better; as two-time Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg pointed out, cancer arises from the lack of oxygen to that cell, and an accumulation of toxins is the acidity that suppresses oxygenation and cell metabolism, leading to cancer and other degenerative conditions.

Cancer risk increases with lack of movement because while even a healthy
body creates tens of thousands of cancer cells every day, the healthy immune system, primarily in the lymph and its extra-cellular matrix, requires alkalinity. All cellular activity, the ionic exchange and all that, is suffocated by an acidic stagnation condition, and lifting the biological burden of an acid lymph is a well known necessity.


Inflammation treatment erodes plaque and heart disease concerns

By the time your'e over 40 you probably have arterial plaque building up.  Folks who don't know they have circulatory disorder but have poor circulation that is particularly seen in the lower legs are at risk, clear and present danger as we know. What I'm getting at is it is systemic inflammation with arterial plaque buildup and poor microcirculation, claudication, also of the lymph and arteries throughout the body. Sounds like heart disease doesn't it? It can be, and inflammation is not a life extender and you don't want it.

While medicine seeks to thin one's blood with drugs warfarin, you can open your own arteries with a bio-compatible serrapeptase blend like BlockBuster AllClear, which is a flagship elevated to its own dotcom and which guarantees personal satisfaction.

This is on the must-do list, as a well-flowing lymph system remains one of the most important and difficult non-dietary assets for good health.

Falling levels of the blood's only enzyme that is anti-clotting or fibrinolytic, plasmin, causes the fibrin to clot the blood and even make it thick, and if you supplement another fibrinolytic enzyme you no longer have the risk. In this case nattokinase is the fibrinolytic that eats away at the meat component molecule by molecule, the serrapeptase enzyme in it reduces inflammation so it circulates better too. The lipase enzyme component breaks down the oil portion of plaque. And a couple of other things in it are probably stellar, as is the tendency for the company.


Oxygenate, move the lymph and increase metabolism with vibration

The lymph fluid surrounding all of your cells has higher volume than your blood because it passes nutrients and oxygen, and cellular wastes, to and from your bloodstream and bathes all the cells with fluid, including accumulating levels of free radical damage to the tissue and the unsaturated dietary oils that have to be escorted by cholesterol.

Despite not being able to keep up our exercise requirements, we can build on the knowledge that physical movement moves lymph.
The vibration principle follows the general theme that the body's cells can't actually tell the difference between acceleration, deceleration, and gravity; to them, a muscular workout and falling down is about the same thing to your lymph, and the cells respond similarly. 

OK, you know about using a mini-trampoline to yield about 400 TIMES better lymph flow than jogging? NASA, police departments and fitness centers around the world biohack that response with a low-impact rebounder (mini-trampoline). Just 20 minutes per day of low-intensity walking called the 'health bounce' on the mini-tramp promotes total circulation at the cellular level, and dramatically improves health and fitness. And it's easy on the joints and you can even do it sitting. 

The circulation-inducer that is favoured by chiropractors today in North America is whole-body vibration, or WBV. The principle is that by decelerating your cells at programmable frequencies you can tune up specific muscle groups and organs according to their jiggling or vibratory frequency. This machine can really move the lymph, in all the tissues it can vibrate. The movement stimulates the production of growth factors and firms the muscle, sucks up the fascia tight
, even jowls and wattles and sagging flaccid underarms. And it's a metabolic increaser that keeps the weight down. Mine has a cardiac dashboard display with sensors in the handles. Look for a professional-quality whole body vibration (WBV) unit that can output a therapeutic level, not the toys. I'll post one for reference; I think one of my companies sells a model.