Best first step against fading mind?

Any M.D. or health coach would really like the food approach to anti-aging. The science is airtight and the functionality is reliable.You should all be on it; in fact, everybody over 50 could use a sporadic back to good program at least, then could appreciate how well it works as a restorative.

Crib sheet for anti-aging and cognitive repair

About a dozen people wrote in for an even a shorter list, a crib sheet for just the basis or foundation of any anti-aging and cognition program. Aging is the accumulation of unnecessary damage to and shrinkage of organ and gland function, and it's treatable by addressing major points, any of which improve cognitive ability and reduce depreciation:

Glutathione : is very low in the elderly; it's the main anti-ager and protector of the brain and all the tissues, and energy levels too. It falls with age and poor diet but can be increased with selenium and cold-extracted whey powder shakes. The one we've been supplying clients with and using ourselves is a good price and product from Purebulk, and there are other similars if you compare the labels especially for cystine...

Circulation Enzymes : Inflammation and damage is huge in the elderly and this severely reduces microcirculation and increases fibrosis, the leading killer. Plasmin, the body's fibrinolytic enzyme drops with age too and you have coagulation on top of restricted circulation. It's easy to open the arteries again with BlockBuster AllClear,which eliminates excessive coagulation and coagulopathy as well as improving the microcirculation, leading to cognitive improvement and recovery. A couple of programs of perhaps 2 bottles in seniors, followed by a permanent low dose to prevent. The recommended product is the most correct formula on the market and I think it outperforms everything else. It's guaranteed anyway, so go for it and take your heart concerns off the list too.

Growth hormone : because HGH governs the rate of repair and drops severely in the elderly, there is considerable depreciation. Two amino acids that increase HGH if you take them together l-lysine and arginine pyroglutamate speed healing the natural way, by increasing your own HGH release, following the Isidori study.

In addition to the amino acids, many people take colostrum because it's a good source of bovine growth factors, most of which are a direct match across the mammalian order. An advantage to using this method is that colostrum is the primary immune system booster as well through transfer factors. We have been using Immune Tree colostrum for more than 10 years.

Dopamine and Love : Finally, PEA, the love hormone, increases dopamine and thus cognitive ability and protection in the elderly so props mental ability and reduces decline. Dopamine enhancement increased the lifespan of the test animals until all of them outlived all of the controls.

Read The Science of Pea for one of the best cognitive and life extenders.