Fucoidans stellar immune system support

New scientific information reveals fucoidans, a polysaccharide group like mushrooms and aloe vera, enhance immunity enormously. They also assist with joints, blood function, digestion, liver and stomach function, and improve skin and cellular growth, and more. 

For example, fucoidans are mild blood thinners; many people have blood that is coagulating, too thick due to natural factors, dehydration, smoking, excessive drinking, diabetes, low antioxidant levels, high homocysteine, etc. The high viscosity produces shear stress and blood clot risk, so these folks might be taking blood-thinning drugs or simply incease their use of dietary sea vegetables that contain heparin-like fucoidans. 

A fucoidan source I trust is Immune Tree, which already supplies my colostrum. They have a real powerful immune-enhancing blend using colostrum in fact, another huge immune booster. This would probably be a number one choice for the range of effect and growth; a good idea especially in the elderly or sick. 

igh molecular weight fucoidans would augment the rate of repair caused by the IGF-1 and other growth factors in the colostrum, as it is known to bind growth factors and increase the rate of tissue repair. Low molecular weight fucoidans help rebuild blood vessels and thus improve circulation. This effect that was previously described also for high molecular weight fucoidan and other glycosaminoglycans, such as dextran sulfates and chondroitin sulfates. This kind of supplement or approach will be particularly useful for the recovering diabetic's attempts to rescue their legs from eventual amputation. Again, I'd use serrapeptase or BlockBuster AllClear to clear the arteries and reduce inflammation too because I like the 'miracles' you can get when you promote a more balanced, multi-pronged approach. Also for the diabetic, brown seaweed generally has also been shown to be capable of lowering high blood sugar, due to the naturally occurring combination of nutrients especially chromium (active in blood sugar control) and iodine (benefits metabolism). 

Fucoidans can induce the production of interleukin 12 and interferon, two cytokines that are known to be effective in treating virus infection such as HIV and hepatitis C in addition to cancer. 

Because brown seaweed helps decongest swollen or inflamed lymph nodes, it is useful to support the body's fight against autoimmune illnesses such as chronic fatigue, HIV, arthritis and chronic allergies. Moreover, a main tonic benefit of fucoidans is that it's a general detoxifier of heavy metals and radioactive elements because the active ingredients in fucoidans are the alginates (algal polysaccharides), which absorb toxins and promote their disposal outside the body. 


  • A Japanese study found that fucoidans enhanced phagocytosis, the process in which white blood cells engulf, kill, digest and eliminate debris, viruses and bacteria. 
  • An American study reported that fucoidans increased the number of circulating mature white blood cells. 
  • An Argentinian study and a Japanese study found that fucoidans inhibited viruses such as herpes simplex type 1 from attaching to, penetrating and replicating in host cells. 
  • A Swedish study is among many that showed fucoidans inhibit inflammation cascades and tissue damage that may lead to allergies. 
  • Other studies like one in Canada found that fucoidans block a process called 'complement activation' that is believed to play an adverse role in chronic degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Two American studies found that fucoidans increase and mobilize stem cells. Stem cells can differentiate to become any one of the 200 types of cells. They enable your body to replace dead cells, thereby enabling tissue and organ regeneration and slowing down the aging process

    See the fucoidan references below; you can find more by doing a Medline search. Again, I go with Immune Tree's, on my Medicine Bag shortlist with the colostrum but the blends from sources will be good.

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