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Once a health blogger y'know? Traditional medicines and anti-aging approaches aren't much discussed here in the Great Bear Rainforest like they were in the warm land of Cowichan. It's all coast Salish here but a medicine man's words just don't seem to go as far up the moccasin trail as they used to. They don't read enough; few people do nowadays. Certainly the new generation don't get survival skills from school either, so at some point some expert senior like me has to step up with the extracurricular finishing.


It's painfully obvious that this area racks up a death rate that is higher than national average. Native populations usually do, and I think colonialism orchestrates the eugenics. I posted about it on Facebook a few times and this health blog packs more heat I hope. There's something indeed that can be done about it too. Since investigating the science of genetic expression of mood hormones, and how easy it is to fix in the majority, they can do it themselves, it almost makes me sick to be surrounded by such a big control group, and it eases my old-world conscience some to get my views out a bit more and save more lives.

In this second blog run I resolve, old-civilisation style, to come forth and educate, detail, elucidate, expose, chide and push for social improvement, for more sunny side of the street, because I know how to get it. Indeed, the next generation of medicine men should come to Nusatsum Heights for their training, because I do have the key points in their traditional field covered in my modern scientific style.

Sounds like a big deal, but naw, I'll dish it out in useable terms. I'm lucky to have had that Montessori school education that helps you learn how to learn, and a highbrow style at home in a family of doctors, leaders and herbalists. I've always been a teacher; even taught computer operations in adult ed. in 1982. My old blog site has helped me compile a lot of keywords, and my alternative health practice and five year newspaper column in Duncan made them more visible.

Mostly; you need to know some jargon because it summarises pages of concept. 

CAW then! Follow me...

CAW then! Follow me...

The key word is follow. If you follow the keywords you'll see they pack medical heat in the research. News about self-health that works had kept my website on the Curezone Top Health Sites list for 17 years. And soon, maybe yours. 

Nowadays I'll paraphrase more to avoid editing a thousand old articles, and give fewer actual links. Too much hassle. You can look it up and check back for comments. Quick minds will really love the knowledge a few keyword searches turn up.


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