How the Crow recovered lost medicine

The Crow has been into health sciences since time began, so he nearly croaked when he saw someone canning Devil's Club in olive oil on Youtube. Knowing that ancient methods survive today, the Crow flew to Cambridge and confirmed with a friendly alchemist that much of the art had been lost, and that there was a way to bring it back.

There's an even chance that Devil's Club would be cultivated as the major medicinal herb it was developed to be, but the panacaea had been so compromised by the method of preservation that it's less popular.

Most of the medicine was in fact not being preserved but wasted; the lost essential oil component alone comprises about 40% of the hydrophobic medical component, and untold benefits have been missed entirely, certainly for millennia, in these volatiles. Both hydrophobic resin components, light and heavy are under intensive study in medical research. Keywords are swell.

In a return to best practices and validated by modern research, he chose cold infusion in the best solvent oil that's fit for skin: extra virgin coconut oil. EVCO represents the only infusial solvent oil that penetrates skin with no irritation, and unlike polyunsaturated oil it's a skin food. A wider spectrum of plant medicine dissolves in more quantity in it, and it all absorbs, leaving no residue or pore blockers.

Now with a beady eye on the methods used to make a tincture, he saw that modern science could supply the missing ingredient, a dopamine increase. Dopamine is well known but the method to increase it has been little-known until recently.

The esoteric ingredient is a life extender;  the body's natural love hormone PEA. Like Dopamine, PEA is usually also in a slump as one ages, and PEA deficiency syndrome has been elucidated. Phenylethylamine creates dopamine very quickly so you're immediately in the group of treated animals that outlast the control group if you take it, and gosh do you ever get smart and happy for a short while. Good start to the day and no slump later. And best of all it's natural and not a drug but a hormone.

So, a little love turns the Devils Club tincture into a Dr. Good-style vitality elixir that extends your lifespan and is absolutely hawkworthy as the "sunny side of the street in a bottle" formula that the world won't want to stop taking. No kidding. Funny thing, that.

Crow says, "the tourists would love a Victorian-style Elixir booth and I know the patter for it; I'll be great!"

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