Precursors push panacaea power

When I first formulated the Devil's Club elixir I thought "Eureka",  but I was soon confronted with the sobering reality that while I might automagically pay attention to nutrition in a health program, almost nobody else does. I know our biological baselines pretty much stink enough to scuttle a health program, so let's build that baseline of reasonable health with nutrients and then apply the elixirs to see how they can shine.

Certain molecules are required to detox and repair, and even fantastic elixirs can't work as well if they are deficient; our moods, metabolic rates, hormonal values and such present a different baseline in a Bell curve of cause/effect. Those baselines can be seen as stages of illness or age-related depreciation, because they certainly aren't optimal are they? So, depending on that, people will not get stellar results from a panacaea if they keep to the lower quartile of health/survival, and they'll tend to get stellar results in the top quartile. I'll hope you do your best to take a range of vitamins and minerals to keep yourself in the upper, survivor percentage of your age group, and let me help with the rest.

In its most basic form then, an "anti-aging" program is what the optimisation is all about. If improving vitality ain't sunny side up, nothing is, bro', and we can better support even a panacaea with just a couple of potent tweaks that just don't occur in nature.

Firstly, an improvement to vitality, strength, endurance, immune response, energy reserves, wellness and lack of brain fog, can easily result from a potent glutathione promoter, and undenatured whey easily outshines the semi-toxic drug NAC. At its core, one ages and depreciates by oxidising more and faster when dietary glutathione precursors are low, impairing detoxification, energy creation, and protection of the cells' mitochondrial energy centers. Glutathione also protects the body from age-related organ shrinkage including the thymus, the center of the immune system.

You can't pass this one off and get away with it; glutathione is recognised in medical science as the most reliable indicator of disease prognosis and the work is well detailed so you don't have to guess that the subject may be important to you, especially in illness and as you age and accumulate inflammation. No kidding, sunny side up in spades is possible with a simple, anti-aging glutathione increase. 

Selenium, a crucial part of making glutathione, is low in the Great Bear Rainforest and unfortunately its antagonist arsenic is abundant in volcanic areas, so really, maybe 400 mcg would be a good idea for a healthy person, less and you accumulate more damage.

Secondly, and gravely seriously, one's diet and lifestyle. You know people get "out of sorts" when they don't eat right, and the large toxin load created by a bad bowel culture is an impairment. The other crucial supplement that remains unaddressed by the Budwig Diet, the Hulda Clark program, the Gerson diet and the others, is the bowel health restorer inulin, the precise food for good gut bacteria. Even if you eat do real food the average shortfall is about 12 grams daily.

A friendly alternative M.D. once elaborated that about 80% of the adult population harbors the condition of bowel dysbiosis, a condition which, at just 2 pH points less acidic than it should be, always involves the most powerful, and one of the most devastating gut opportunists, candida. What's missing, even from a lot of anti-candida diets, is the soluble root fiber that feeds probiotic yogurt- and cheese-type bacteria in the gut, which in turn make an acidic environment that bowel disease and candida can't survive in. Not that many will host a fetid chunk like John Wayne's legendary 40 lbs of encrusted fecal matter, but long before that ever happens, a lifetime of asymptomatic dietary shortfalls leads to impaired bowel function and bowel culture, a degree of unnecessary toxin load, and a reduced response to health programs. Dysbiosis, even a little, can reduce or even scuttle the efficacy of Dr. Good's elixir.

You sayin' Dr. Good's elixir might not do anything?

I'm sayin' getting to the sunny side is your choice; if you baseline for health to support a superior outcome, of course you benefit more from the approach. A baseline for a youthing or anti-aging or optimal wellness program assumes your disease process is in limbo, pretty good, or at least not obviously degenerative, so get it there with the basics as above. Even if you aren't diagnosed with bowel dysbiosis or otherwise a bad gut ecology, IBS, IBD, SIBO or candidiasis, your bowel health is probably interfering some with your health protocol. So, yup, add roots and inulin.

That's all there is to it?

Simply put, inulin, whey and selenium represent truly foundational nutraceuticals that most forget but have made many people well when they though they had it covered. People came to me for difficult problems but all I was teaching in my health practice was how to push for health with a decent diet and just a few of the most important supplements; it's not even a comprehensive scientifically-formulated, blood-draw-style approach but a glance at common dietary shortfalls, and it has helped thousands. People still find me even with the website shut down.

Today I'm much wiser; you'd think that another decade had better do something other than age you decently huh? Now we can do anti-aging up in spades and I'll just briefly touch on it here. No matter how good a panacaea is or how broad its method of activity, not one elevates dopamine, the "happy hormone", the main antidepressive, cognitive, mood and focus enhancing hormone. By bio-hacking dopamine increase along with my new panacaea herb Devil's Club, maybe HGH growth hormone awareness and reducing estrogen with DIMM and so on, we can get all of our hormonal values to youthful vitality levels, and if that's not anti-aging, then whuzzup? And all you need is love, love, the love hormone PEA, which itself is often in deficiency especially as you age. but more on bio-hacking later.

There I've paraphrased about 3 years worth of overview that I am convinced could really help civilisation overnight, if only it was taught in junior high.  We have health knowledge today that could keep nearly all of us on the sunny side of the street all the time with natural cures, as well as eviscerate about 3/4 of modern medicine through disease prevention. Wouldn't we all rather be anywhere but the waiting room?