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Medicine Bag Shortlist for lucidity, happiness, and longevity

Methods, hints and biohacks to really live with

Key non-medical health bio-hacks can be easier than you'd think, safe, and scientific too! If our longevity and health were good for medicine they'd be borrowing the Medicine Bag...

Key non-medical health bio-hacks can be easier than you'd think, safe, and scientific too! If our longevity and health were good for medicine they'd be borrowing the Medicine Bag...

The much-needed shortlist: 500 newspaper columns and all those online articles distilled into a few lifesaving health biohacks. Do your own research and you'll see there are a few more in the big store yet. Start with the BlockBuster AllClear if you're over 40, to eliminate circulation concern. I've seen it restore leg circulation in days too.

Biohacks like these bring anti-aging and wellness programs to a new level with the immediacy of faster and more obvious results. A few concentrates and extracts can increase lifespans even on their own; that is, besides preventing the thrombosis or an imminent heart attack or stroke. And recent science shows how environmental conditions can switch genetic expressions (epigenetics) towards wellness and happiness, and this expression for happy mental and hormonal balance can be passed genetically as well as maintained personally. Everyone knows someone who could use a bit of that!

A few of the supplements here allowed the research animals to outlive the entire control group. So we stack several. And we elevate dopamine, your happy, capability and motivational hormone.


During my 15 year wholistic consultancy in Duncan BC, I had the pleasure of hosting the Cowichan Valley's largest anti-aging workshops, vetting dozens of products, writing 500 newspaper health columns and a thousand forum blogs, and filtering some of the best hints from some very learned minds. During that time several companies impressed me with their world-leading health or bio-hacking products and I'm pleased to host some of their best tricks here in the Medicine Bag.

After a couple of years haitus I'm freshly impressed with the clever new alchemy and I intend to cover more of it in this blog. Meanwhile, you'll find this free Naturally Healthy News magazine to provide fascinating orthomolecular concepts with the scientific validation, pics and graphs that sages require. I "grew up" on Life Extension magazine myself, and without minimizing their work over there I find Naturally Healthy News to be a similar heavyweight for longevity information today.

Turning back the clock?

How do hormones fit in?

Hormone therapy helps especially as you age and levels fall, but really, since everyone is different we are all operating at a sub-optimal level that can be induced a bit towards better hormonal balance and youthful restoration. 

Even younger adults benefit by triggering youthful growth hormone release with amino acids, by quickly recycling male and female hormones with DIM, by increasing the antioxidant and energy molecule glutathione, a hormone, with DIM's accessory sulforaphane component and selenium and whey, by catching more sleep with melatonin hormone, and by taking PEA, the love hormone that increases dopamine, which is your motivation, happiness and lucidity hormone. A lady might take a hormone reducer, clonidine, to reduce night sweats.



I can outlive the control group?

Since 1977, the year I read Durk and Sandy's bestselling book Life Extension, I have been into youthing with various bio-hacks. Biological support a given if anyone can legitimately say that, they showed me how an anti-aging therapy uses hormonal tweaks that are absolutely known to turn back the clock.

Just to show what an educational theme the company presents, Click though a few links here, pick up the magazine and check out the scientific links and dissertation with the products. Each flagship product presents an almost mentoring approach to getting people up to speed on each component.

Bio-hacking by definition requires that you learn the work to do it yourself, and here we are in the middle of some of the best work and information in the industry. Follow the keywords and see that it's dead easy.